How it Works

AzurRent is a platform dedicated to connecting users looking for real estate for rent and accommodation with owners of such properties. The system will be built on the use of blockchain technology in the contracting process and the AzurCoin currency as the main means of settlement. This way, Azur.Rent intends to provide both tenants and landlords with privacy, security and freedom.

Among the significant benefits of AzurRent are:

  • no fees on the part of the landlords
  • the possibili of payment in digital currencies and the provision of services to the
    communi using them
  • Multi-currency transactions to be chosen by the parties in FIAT AZUR currencies

Technical aspect

  • The whole operation is going to be carried out on the platform and the private
    blockchain chain
  • In the case of having Azur Coin in a public blockchain you will be able to pay them into
    the AzurRent platform

The functionali of the platform will be similar to Airbnb. The landlord sets the price for the
lease, the tenant makes a reservation for the proper, paying for it in a way of his choice:
digital currency, AZUR or FIAT. The landlord determines which payment means he wants to
receive. Any disputes arising between the parties on the basis of the lease relationship will be
resolved by a five-person arbitration team, combined of AzurSea platform communi users.